SiteREADY’s Solutions Delivery Model challenges the way projects have been completed in the past by building sustainable processes between real estate and IT to create the workplace of the future. This enables us to produce predictive results and eliminates overages and mistaken expenditures typical of major construction projects.


Your business has a goal and you don’t know what technology can get it there. The Consulting Phase of the SDM helps clients understand how to leverage best practices to deliver solutions that drive results.


What foundation does your organization have for future projects? The Program Development Phase within the SDM builds upon standards and reframed processes to follow moving forward; something to help build upon and set your organization up for future project success.


Establishing a technology communication path is crucial to promote collaboration between employees and other departments. With thoughts and ideas being brought to life on paper, SiteREADY’s Design Phase brings cohesion between the physical space and technology, eliminating the need to “re-do” projects.


Does your team have eyes on the project at all times? Do they have the time to work with vendors to ensure the plan will not incur change orders? Within the Construction Phase, SiteREADY’s expert team members are constantly working to ensure everyone is communicating and the project stays on track.


Do you have expensive technology that just does not work? Implementing technology properly in your project is critical for success. SiteREADY’s Implementation Phase of the SDM connects technology within the physical space, puts on final touches, and creates peace of mind that there will be no disruptions come “SiteREADY” date.


Keeping technology working beyond implementation is essential to the business’ ability to utilize it. Without proper working equipment and training, your company cannot work effectively. SiteREADY’s Support Phase allows you to concentrate on your core business, while we continue to support the technology requirements needed for your company.